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Leading marketers, top brand executives and industry thought leaders agree: The New Inbox delivers. This is the book to read and ensure your email marketing program is ready for the challenges and opportunities that mobile, social and other new digital media present.

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  • Few email marketers have more experience or go deeper than Simms Jenkins. His latest book once again promises to elevate the dialog and thinking around the most powerful channel in the marketing toolbox, email. Simms Jenkins' new book dives in deeply on this critical channel and provides marketers with state-of-the-art ideas and frameworks to get the most from their programs.

    Bill Nussey, CEO, Silverpop

  • The New Inbox articulates the type of email marketing that will win the hearts and minds of consumers: deeply integrated inbound marketing that leverages email people truly love. The result? You will turn subscribers into customers, customers into evangelists, and your email marketing will become a significantly more powerful and measurable tool in your arsenal thanks to this practical advice from Simms.

    Brian Halligan, Co-Founder and CEO, HubSpot and Author of Inbound Marketing

  • The New Inbox is the right book at the right time. Simms Jenkins outlines what works in this new digital world and how savvy marketers can better leverage email marketing. At a time when the inbox has never had stronger ROI for marketers, it has never been more challenging to reach it and engage customers. Anyone who relies on email marketing as a key sales and marketing tool would be wise to follow the advice laid out in this easy-to-read book.

    Matt Blumberg, Chairman & CEO of Return Path, Chairman of the Board, Direct Marketing Association and Author, Sign Me Up

  • Today's email is about driving customer engagement and loyalty, building brand and awareness, and reaching the customer where and when relevant. But getting email right in today's digital marketing environment requires marketers to be much smarter about how they use tools and analytics to deploy email. The New Inbox provides valuable insight into how email is evolving in a social and mobile world and how marketers can gain a competitive advantage by transforming their email approach.

    Trey Loughran, President, Equifax Personal Information Solutions

  • Yet again, Simms Jenkins has delivered a work that deserves to be read by not only every marketing practitioner but also any CEO looking to better understand the foundational nature of the email medium—especially in today's increasingly mobile and social world. If your company is ready to stop chasing the latest shiny object and focus on permanently boosting its digital marketing ROI, buy this book!

    Jeffrey K. Rohrs, VP – Marketing Research & Education, ExactTarget & Co-Author, SUBSCRIBERS, FANS & FOLLOWERS Research Series

  • While there has been an influx of new digital communications channels in recent years, email marketing continues to be a significant driver of our business and a core way that we engage our consumers. Simms Jenkins and his book, The New Inbox, lead marketers down the path to being successful in building deeper customer relationships while integrating email with other digital platforms.

    Kim Gnatt, Director, Digital Platforms & My Coke Rewards, Coca-Cola North America

  • Simms shows us why email marketing is not a dying breed. It is, in fact, more important today than ever before as a central component of the digital marketing strategy. The New Inbox speaks to how integrating email with social and display programs is still the most effective way to reinforce messaging, amplify the brand and ultimately deliver increased marketing performance.

    David S. Williams, Chairman & CEO, Merkle

  • The New Inbox provides an unbiased look at one of the most effective ways a brand can connect with its customers in a personal way from a preeminent thought leader. This book provides a business perspective on winning and keeping customers that have tangible outcomes. When people show up at our new product email planning meetings, you know the results are real, and The New Inbox provides the intelligence that can make it happen.

    Michael McCathren, established the Integrated Digital Marketing group for Chick-fil-A, Inc.

  • Email growth and engagement have been the most important factors in growing my business and Simms is my go-to email expert. As new things come and go over the years, he has been a thought-leader in what has become the core of online engagement…email. If email might be important to your business in today's increasingly social & mobile world, you won't find many better books to guide your efforts.

    David Payne, Co-Founder & CEO, Scoutmob

  • The New Inbox makes a compelling case for email as a strategic pillar in the digital marketing portfolio. As social media continues to become a "pay to play" model for brands, email is uniquely positioned to drive the bottom-line ROI from paid owned and earned media.

    Adam Naide, Executive Director of Social Media Marketing, Cox Communications

  • In The New Inbox Simms Jenkins offers fresh perspectives on the continued viability of email as a necessary and profitable marketing tool. His insights on integrating email with social and mobile as well as tactics to gain more budget from the C-Suite are useful strategies that every email marketer should embrace.

    David Daniels , CEO & Co-Founder, The Relevancy Group, LLC

  • I've learned as much about email from Simms as from any other person in the world, and in The New Inbox, he takes his common sense approach and puts it out there for everyone. This is a useful, important book about a useful, important marketing tactic written at a historical inflection point that sees profound changes in how email is created, delivered and consumed.

    Jay Baer, President, Convince & Convert. Co-author of The NOW Revolution: 7 Shifts to Make Your Business Faster, Smarter and More Social

  • Email has grown more valuable with each advance in marketing technology along the path to today's ultra-sophisticated, multi-channel powerhouse. Simms Jenkins has been there every step of the way, pushing the envelope to higher levels of customer engagement. Now in his second book to address the state of email marketing, he spotlights what has grown into a wildly expanding, cutting-edge mechanism for building relationships and driving sales.

    Stan Rapp, Co-author of MaxiMarketing and BIG IDEAS for Digital Marketers

  • Jenkins proves that email marketing is still the cornerstone of today's digital marketing landscape. He provides a fresh view of email marketing in relation to hotter, high-profile social and mobile channels, breaking the misconception that email's importance is waning. Particularly compelling is his piece on evangelizing to the c-suite, offering tactics for marketers to expose ROI and connectedness of the email marketing. Excellent for marketers looking to bolster their knowledge and gain a renewed, optimistic perspective.

    Matt Annerino, VP, Direct Marketing, Live Nation Concerts

  • Interested in growing your customer loyalty, retention, sales, and profits? Buy this book! Blow away your competition by learning from one of marketing's thought leaders how email marketing can leverage your mobile, social, digital, and other marketing efforts.

    Ken Bernhardt, Regents professor of Marketing Emeritus, Robinson College of Business, Georgia State University

  • Simms is certainly one of the brightest minds in digital marketing. Whether I am having breakfast with him at the local Waffle House or reading his latest book, The New Inbox, I am amazed at his vision for the future of email and digital marketing.

    Allen Nance, President & CEO, WhatCounts

  • In The New Inbox, Simms Jenkins highlights the central role that email continues to play in a world that's only getting more social and real-time. Brands, Agencies and Practitioners who want to understand how email marketing and social media can play well together should read this book and put the case studies Jenkins' shares into practice for their own businesses. Put email at the center of your social CRM strategy and you will succeed."

    Dave Hendricks, COO and CMO, LiveIntent

  • A lot has changed in the Email Marketing world since Simms Jenkins' last book, The Truth About Email Marketing: The dramatic rise in Social Media as a marketing platform and the near ubiquity of mobile smartphones have changed the email marketing landscape forever. Great news that Simms has written a new treatise, The New Inbox. It is a practical guide that every email marketer needs to navigate today's digital marketing.

    Bill McCloskey, Founder, Only Influencers and

  • The Internet keeps changing and reinventing itself. It can be maddening or fun, depending on your point of view. With each revolution, we get a new generation of innovators with new technology, new ideas and new perspective. And each new generation needs to communicate well (that never changes). Thing is, communication is hard! Since email is the foundation for communication on the Internet, it seems each new wave of bright young innovators needs a fresh new guide to help them understand the inbox. As always, Simms delivers.

    Ben Chestnut, CEO, MailChimp

  • Email has evolved from a disregarded workhorse to a versatile powerhouse of digital marketing. Sitting at the forefront of email marketing, Simms Jenkins is ideally placed to guide email marketers through the associated opportunities and challenges. He builds a bridge between email's traditional role and its growing position as a driver of integration, explaining how marketers can and must adapt best practices to the requirements of the new digital environment as they look to exploit the huge potential of the new inbox.

    Mark Brownlow, Publisher, Email Marketing Reports